Patient Feedback


Our practice encourages patients to give feedback, both positive and negative, as part of our partnership approach to healthcare, and we have processes in place for responding to feedback

Opportunities are available for patients to tell us, ‘How we are doing.’ Our Suggestion Box in the waiting room allows patients to give us personal feedback on a day to day basis. We aim to follow-up ideas and acknowledge notes of appreciation where we can.

Where possible patients are encouraged to raise any concerns directly with the practice team and attempts are made for a timely resolution of such concerns within the practice in accordance with our complaints resolution process.

We seek structured /systematic patient experience feedback at least once every 3 years which meet the requirements outlined in the RACGP publication “Learning from our patients”. Feedback collected includes, but is not limited to, the following 6 categories that are considered critical to patient’s experiences within healthcare facilities.

  • Access and availability
  • Information provision
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Continuity of care
  • Communication skills of the clinical staff
  • Interpersonal skills of clinical staff

The data collected is analysed and the findings, including any improvements made, are communicated back to our patients.

As part of our Risk Management Activity, a log of incidents, including complaints, is maintained in an event log and the incident is noted on the patient’s history.


At any time patients may provide feedback or make a complaint.

  • A notice is displayed in the waiting room and in the practice information sheet advising how to make a complaint to our practice. We also advise the contact information for the State/Territory health complaints agency and the commonwealth agency.
  • The Suggestion Box is located at reception and reception staff ensure there is an attached pen and paper available.
  • Staff are trained to ensure patients of the practice feel confident that any feedback or complaints made at the practice will be handled appropriately.

At least every 3 years we use a systematic method for collection of patient experience feedback.

We collect feedback using:

  • An RACGP approved questionnaire

Data collected is analysed to identify potential opportunities for quality improvement.

We communicate to those appropriate the findings from any complaints or feedback and any improvements made.